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Concordia is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that enables public-private partnerships to create a more prosperous and sustainable future. As equal parts convener, campaigner, and idea incubator, Concordia is creating a new model for how a nonpartisan, nonprofit can have a global impact. Concordia was founded in 2011 by Matthew A. Swift and Nicholas M. Logothetis.


Campaign for a Sustainable Global Food Supply

Part 2 - Transport to Market: Sustainable Sourcing & Innovative Models


Concordia provides a unique environment to hear from leading experts at the intersection of the public, private, and nonprofit arenas. Members will be informed on the latest P3 developments, connect with an immense network of global leaders, and find opportunities for creating partnerships that align with their areas of interest


Concordia Leadership Council

Concordia’s Leadership Council is a powerful roster of former heads of state, leaders of industry, and policy experts with practical experience at every level of government and business. By offering strategic guidance, expanding our community, and advising programming, the Leadership Council contributes to all areas of our ever-growing organization.